Is Your Pal Going To Suffer From Arthritis As An Old Dog?

Arthritis As An Old DogOne in every five dogs suffers from arthritis. This illness can attack your pal no matter its age or breed, but there are several factors that increase its risk of getting it at one point or another.

According to the vets at the Novartis Animal Health, these are the 5 factors that make your young or old dog more susceptible to arthritis:

1. Genetic predisposition

Some specific breeds like Labrador retrievers, Golden retrievers, and German shepherds are normally attacked by arthritis. Up to 70% of these dogs will become arthritic at some point in their lives.

2. Overweight

Obesity is a serious problem not only for humans but for dogs too. It has been confirmed that overweight dogs are more likely to get osteoarthritis three years ahead of thin dogs.

3. Joint abnormalities

If your dog suffers from hip dysplasia, which is the number 1 cause of lameness in dogs, it will probably be at higher risk of getting osteoarthritis since this condition exerts extreme stress on the joints.

4. Joint stress and trauma

Some injuries, like the ones suffered when a dog gets hit by a car, can seriously damage ligaments, tissues, and bones, and can really increase the risk of your senior pal developing osteoarthritis.

In the same way, dogs that are highly active or that work in demanding activities normally put a lot of stress over their joints, leading to chronic injuries that make them more vulnerable to osteoarthritis.

5. Infection

Bacterial, viral, or fungal infections can affect the joints and open the doors to arthritis.

Some conditions that fall under this category are: Ehrlichiosis, Lyme disease, and Rocky Mountain spotted fever, which can be transmitted by ticks.
If you think your old dog is in pain, take it to the vet immediately. If the doctor confirms your pal has arthritis, talk to him about treating it through a special diet, appropriate exercise, and pain control medication.

How to Keep Your Older Dog Healthy

older dogA dog’s breed and size determine when it becomes a senior pet, and even though there is nothing you can do to prevent your best friend from getting older, there are several things you can do to help it stay active and healthy for as long as possible:

1. Keep a close eye on the health of your older dog

– Take your dog to the vet regularly. It is crucial for an older dog to get regular medical attention and check-ups, at least once every six months. Your dog may need to undergo blood tests, X-rays, electrocardiograms, ultrasound, CAT scans, or MRIs.

Be ready to tell the vet about any changes, no matter how small, on your older dog’s energy level, appetite, or behavior; tell the vet when the change started and what you think could have caused it.

– Check your dog’s hearing and eyesight. Cloudy eyes are normal on an older dog, and this may be nothing serious; nevertheless, a senior dog may also develop cataracts and glaucoma, or suffer from hearing loss.

If you surprise your dog when you approach it, if it bumps into objects, or doesn’t respond to your call, it may be losing its hearing ability.

2. Groom your older dog frequently

– Brush your dog’s teeth every day. This will prevent its teeth from decaying and will also inhibit gum disease and tooth loss. As you brush your older dog’s teeth, you should look for early-stage mouth and tongue ulcers.

– Be attentive to an increase in bad breath. There are the natural smells that come with dogs, and the normal breath smells that are produced by the remains of food, but, if your older dog shows a change towards a much stronger and foul breath, this could mean it is getting sick.

– Bathe and groom your older dog once a week. An older dog must be kept free of fleas and other parasites, because it is not capable of grooming itself as it used to. While brushing it, notice any bumps, skin lesions, or abnormal hair loss, and be careful, because its skin is not as elastic anymore, and you may scratch or pull it. Clip its nails to ensure its balance is good.

– Massage your dog’s joints and limbs. Your older dog will not be able to exercise regularly, thus, you have to improve its flexibility and circulation through soft massages to its muscles and joints.

3. Keep your older dog active

– Present your older dog with moderate exercise. Your senior dog needs to keep its muscle tone, its heart, its digestion, and its attitude healthy, and mild exercise does the trick. You may develop walking and swimming routines, as well as gentle games to keep it in shape and alert.

– Allow your older dog repeated bathroom breaks. Its digestion may become irregular as it ages, and its bladder may lose elasticity and capacity.

– Respect a regular routine. Your older dog will really appreciate it if you stick to a routine. By all means, feed it and walk it at the same time every day.

– Reduce stress to the minimum. An older dog may not easily welcome unknown animals or people, and may become irritated with children. Since it may be losing its senses, may get arthritic or forgetful, your older dog may not like to mingle with your guests, friends or family, anymore.

– Train it with word and hand commands. In this way, your older dog will understand you in the event it loses its hearing or seeing faculties.

4. Help your older dog eat and sleep well

– Never leave your older dog outside by itself. Its place is inside your home, and it should spend less and less time outside, because it will become sensitive to temperature changes that will affect its aging lungs and heart.

Also, since it is not as sharp as it used to be, your older dog may easily get hurt or lost outside.

– Get it a soft bed. An older dog finds it more difficult to sleep well because of arthritis, elbow calluses, and other ailments, thus, get it an orthopedic bed to increase its comfort.

– Feed it well. Your older dog may gain weight fast because of its slow metabolism; thus, get it food high in fiber and low in fat. When its digestion deteriorates, offer it smaller, but more frequent, meals. Your older dog will need a special diet if it has diabetes, arthritis, or heart or liver conditions.

– Always give it fresh, cool water. This is vital for dogs at any age, but especially for an older dog.

Three Ingredients That Make All the Difference in the Best Senior Dog Food

Best Senior Dog FoodWhen dogs start aging there are signs that are very visible such as the graying of hair, joint rigidity, slower reaction, slower walking and more sleeping, while others are more difficult to notice, which is the case of sight problems and the loss of the sense of smell.

When your dog’s activity levels diminish, it is difficult to control its weight if you do not adjust its diet accordingly, and too much weight can promote joint rigidity and intensify a mild arthritic condition, which will seriously hamper your pal’s quality of life and wellbeing.

In any of these cases, you may not believe that adjusting your pal’s diet with a senior formula could help delay these conditions; however, the best senior dog food contains special ingredients that help your older dog battle normal aging decay.

Some brands produce senior formulas that are low in fat and calories so that your senior dog does not gain too much weight, which is a common occurrence as some breeds get older and are not able to exercise or move as they used to.

Here we give you a list of three ingredients that make all the difference for senior dogs. You will notice that all of them are highly recommended for human diets also due to their richness and they are all important ingredients in the best senior dog food:

1. Glucosamine and chondroitin sulphate. These two ingredients are added to senior dog food to help alleviate rigidity in the joints. You can identify the best senior dog food because it will always contain glucosamine and chondroitin sulphate.

2. Omega 3, Omega 6 and fatty acids. These ingredients help maintain your dog’s skin and coat healthy and shiny. Every brand that produces top quality senior dog formulas includes all of these in their main ingredients list.

3. Antioxidants.These ingredients support your old pal’s immune system, and are a must in any senior dog food formula that considers itself top quality.

There is not a defined age to change your dog from adult formula to senior food. Each dog is very particular, so it will depend on your friend’s condition and breed.

Pay attention to the signs of aging in your dog and accept them. This is the first step towards helping your pal enjoy a full, happy and healthy last stage.

Ingredients That Are Good For Your Senior Dog

senior dog foodThe Wellness brand of senior dog food is formulated to be not only satisfying but also the general health base your old pal needs.

In order to do this, the brand has carefully chosen an array of natural ingredients that in combination with powerful nutrients such as glucosamine, probiotics, antioxidants and omega fatty acids ensure your dog enjoys prime quality of life until the end.

Here is a list of 15 ingredients Wellness senior dog food contains that will make a big difference in your pet’s quality of life:

These are a very good source of pectin.

These contain a lot of Vitamin A & C, potassium, fiber and several carotenoids that act as powerful antioxidants.

An amazing source of fiber and minerals, carrots are also a natural source of beta-carotene, which is an antioxidant that helps neutralize free radicals.

These are loaded with Vitamin C and are an especially good source of tannins.

This is Docosahexaenoic acid, which is an Omega-3 fatty acid that aids in neural development. It is a very important part of the brain and the fatty acid that is found in the highest quantity in it. DHA is crucial for the development of the central nervous system and retinal function.

This seeds are also known as linseeds and are loaded with Omega-3 fatty acids, which will make your pal’s coat shinier. They are especially good for helping food move through the digestive tract because they are high in fiber, fact that also adds mass to your dog’s diet.

Green tea extract
This is an herbal extract from the leaves of green tea that is packed with antioxidants.

Ground barley
This ingredient is very good to treat obesity and diabetes in your dog because of its unique nutritional composition: reasonable amounts of slowly digested starch and soluble fiber ß-glucan.

Kelp is an outstanding natural source of iodine and it also contains good fiber.

It is a very good source of extremely digestible carbohydrates, protein and fiber.

These are natural micro flora that support digestion, making it possible for the organism to use food in a better way and producing bacteriocins that work as natural antibiotics.

This vegetable has high amounts of carotenoids, counting beta-carotene and lutein. It also has lots of magnesium, manganese and iron.

Sweet potatoes
These are full of carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals and beta-carotene.

Yucca schidigera extract
This plant grows in the dessert, naturally helps digestion and diminishes the smell of feces.

KONOV Jewelry Men’s Leather Bracelet, Surfer Style Brown Braided Bangle

KONOV-Jewelry-Mens-Womens-Leather-Bracelet-Wrap-Surfer-Braided-Bangle-Fit-7-9-inch-Brown-0-1Have you grown tired of your Jewelry diminishing over time because of the hazards of air, dirt, and rust, and having to buy a new one to replace it with? Then consider a durable and stylish Konov Men’s Leather Bracelet. This surfer style brown leather braided bracelet has the strength to withstand a great deal of wear and tear. The bracelet is comfortable, and it will impress your friends when you wear it. Because of this, it has been a fashionable accessory for people to put on for any type of wardrobe. Best of all it is only $3.99 on
These are the main features:

  • The width is 0.40 inches.
  • The length is 8 inches around the wrist.
  • The charm has a curvature to match your wrist.
  • The clasp on the bracelet can easily hook, making it a simple detachment for quick accessibility.

These are the following benefits:

  • The bracelet holds a high immunity to rust, erosion, and tarnishing.
  • It has little chance of generating an allergic reaction for someone with a medal allergy.
  • It delivers a nice aroma to someone who is wearing it.
  • It is a very fashionable item to wear with its sleek, current style.
  • It delivers the potential to endure for a long time.

What other people are saying about it:
Some of you may have concerns whether Konov men’s leather bracelet delivers on its long-lasting durability warranty. Based on the reviews on Amazon, 80 percent of people who bought this item are generally satisfied with it, articulating that it matches up with their expectations.

The Best One Piece Strapless Swimsuit For Your Body Type

The summer season brings with it color and warm weather that is waited for throughout the year. Women take out the dresses, skirts and tank tops from their closet. There is also another advantage to the warm and beautiful weather – visits to the beach! In today’s world, women have the luck of variety when it comes to swimsuits and every lady has a unique need and fit. There are a few major styles available that incorporate different designs, colors, textures and patterns. One of the styles to choose is the one piece strapless swimsuit.

one-piece-strapless-swimsuitThis style is for those women who prefer full coverage than what a bikini would offer but still wish to flaunt those beautiful, bare shoulders. If one browsed through the many designs available on the Internet, it will be obvious that there are gorgeous swimsuits available.

But aside from providing full coverage of the body, what else does a one piece strapless swimsuit offer?

For starters, a one piece strapless swimsuit flatters every body type. The bikini is not everyone’s first choice due to the daring nature and requires a considerable amount of work to get the ‘bikini body’. With a one piece strapless swimsuit, the advantage it has is accentuating the curves of your body. Even though this is the case, it is important to consider body type before purchasing a swimsuit, not matter how gorgeous it is.

For a voluptuous body, even though full coverage is provided, the swimsuit falls graciously over the curves, giving the ‘wow’ factor. Nearly all brands carry swimsuits that cater to the hourglass figure so the chance of finding a perfect, fitting suit is very likely.

For women who have a smaller bust, it is best to experiment with the one piece strapless swimsuits that have a detailed, ruffled, cinched or textured bust. This adds the fullness effect to the entire body. At times, filling out the top may be necessary for extra support. Density foam cups can be bought for support purposes and they come in different sizes, better suiting your needs.

Women who have the opposite – bigger bust – should choose one that have solid underwire. The last thing anyone wants is a slip and have less coverage than full. Let’s avoid an embarrassing moment altogether. If going for a minimalist look, solids and darker colors are the best choice.

And lastly, wide waisted individuals benefit from color blocking as it creates effect of a full figure. Having a high cut and belts styled on the swimsuit adds fullness. Try for patterns as they will divert attention from the waist onto other areas.

After figuring out which swimsuit flatters which body type then shopping will be that much easier. These stores and brands have a noteworthy collection to browse through:

Freya One Piece Strapless Swimsuit

Their website is filled with different styles of swimsuits which provide to five different body types. The organization and filtering on the site is efficient, making it easier to browse the website with particular traits.

Macy’s Swimwear

Being a department store, Macy’s carries an assortment of one piece, strapless swimsuits, ranging from design, colour and patterns. Brands range from Michael Kors, Anne Cole, Becca Crochet, Magicsuit, etc. and prices fluctuate with the chosen brand.

Victoria Secret Swimwear

The swimsuits found in their collection may look simple but they are incredibly sexy and well designed. A snug fit is ensured no matter the style and the variety available is nearly unmatched.

There are many stores to select a sophisticated or cute one piece swimsuit with full coverage and the key is persistence and patience while browsing through stores, locally or online. Soon, you will have found the perfect outfit for a great day at the beach.

Once you do, remember to keep confidence as you strut that new outfit.

ELEMENT Black Leather Bracelet with Jesus Fish


ELEMENT-Leather-Bracelet-Black-Design-with-JESUS-0One of the most fashionable pieces of jewelry in modern style is the men’s bracelet. Men have been wearing bracelets for centuries as accent pieces to clothing ensembles, and to show solidarity with clubs, religions and personal philosophies.

The Jesus Fish men’s leather bracelet is an attractive and special piece. ELEMENT specializes in “rune” and “natural” looks for jewelry. The styles are universal, but the messages conveyed by wearing these handcrafted gems are something very special. You can get it for only $8.99 at

The Meaning of the Jesus Fish

Part of the Christian Great Commission is the commandment to become “fishers of men.” The fish symbol represents commitment to service and unceasing love for fellow human beings.

Aren’t Bracelets Too Feminine?

Absolutely not! Jewelry is meant as an ornament to other style and personal looks. Yes, the synthetic and neon world of pop culture jewelry is distracting and often distasteful. The masculine appearance of this bracelet removes doubt about the quality and belief of the man wearing it.

Is this ELEMENT Black Leather Bracelet Well Made?

The wide metal plate features a vivid fish symbol made of deep etchings. Surrounding the symbol are traditional leather bindings strewn in a way that evokes the ancient world, the type of restraints used at the sight of the cross, and those common within the occupation of fishing. This bracelet style is absolutely meant for the traditional masculine man, a missionary, or the Pope himself. Though plain, this bracelet is a hopeful sight that accentuates any clothing style.

What are Calibrated Thermometers?

Calibrated thermometers are important for their application in various settings including Institutions, Industrial settings, food service (food storage) and even in medical setting especially for drug storage. Thermometers are also useful at home. In medical settings Calibrated thermometers are used to measure the body temperature of a patient by either inserting the tip of the thermometer in the mouth to measure the oral temperature, under the armpit to measure the axillary temperature or into the rectum under the anus to measure the rectal temperature. In the food industry, thermometers are used to monitor critical processes like the cooking, cooling and reheating and also the hot and cold holding of food. Thermometers also find a wide variety of applications e.g. in Educational Institutions like the Medical Colleges to train the medical students. The industries which manufacture thermometers have also come up with home model thermometers which can be used at home for various purposes e.g. the baby thermometers are very useful in determining any fluctuation in the temperatures of infants which is crucial in determining whether the infant is ill or not. Considering the various applications which the thermometer has, it therefore needs to measure a very accurate temperature. The thermometer needs to be calibrated in order to be able to give an accurate reading. Calibration is normally needed before using the thermometer for the first time, when the thermometer is used to measure both hot and cold temperatures, if the thermometer is dropped and finally, if the thermometer is used multiple times during the day, this is especially for digital thermometers. It is therefore evident that regular calibration is required to ensure that the thermometer gives an accurate reading.

NIST Calibrated Thermometers and Factory Calibrated Thermometers

Calibrated thermometers are required for use where an extremely accurate measurement of temperature is required for example in the food industry where routine checking of food temperature and holding times are very important to food safety. NIST Calibrated thermometers are recommended for use in verifying and calibrating instruments routinely used in the laboratory. These factory calibrated thermometers are carefully inspected to ensure that they conform to the exacting requirements outline for precision by the National Institute of Science and Technology, NIST. Each factory calibrated thermometer is dispatched together with the calibration document which shows the corrections at different points on the scale. These factory calibrated thermometers are then compared with the NIST standards thereby being called an NIST Calibrated thermometer. calibrated thermometers

Calibrated Thermometers: Procedure for calibrating an NIST Thermometer

There are two methods which can be followed in calibrating an NIST Thermometer. One is the Cold Temperature Check Method and the Hot Temperature Check Method. Before you start the calibration of an NIST Thermometer you should first ensure that you have the following; insulated glass, crushed ice, water, pot and a heat source. Cold temperature check method is carried out by packing the crushed ice into the insulated container which is then filled with cold water. The thermometer is placed in the center of the container. The temperature is then noted after sometime which should be about five minutes. Hot Temperature Check method on the other hand is carried out by first boiling the water in a pot to boiling point. The thermometer is placed at the middle of the pot with hot with hot water. The thermometer should sit in the water for about thirty minutes after which it should be removed after noting down the temperature which should be about a hundred degrees Celsius. Care should be taken however in this Hot Temperature check method to avoid injuring yourself or other employees and to avoid breaking the thermometer.

Restaurant food safety by use of a calibrated thermometer

Restaurant food safety is essential if you are to continue being in the business for long. This is because if you prepare harmful foods which might cause health complications to your clients, your restaurant will be automatically be closed down. You should therefore ensure that, restaurant food safety is maintained in your restaurant and that the foods are safe for consumption at all times. Inaccurate temperatures for cooking, cooling, reheating and even storage of your food may render your food unsafe for human consumption. To obtain accurate readings of internal temperatures of your restaurant foods, you should ensure that you use calibrated thermometers and that you follow the proper procedures of thermometer use.

KONOV Mens Leather Bracelet, Surfer Braided Bangle

KONOV-Jewelry-Mens-Womens-Leather-Bracelet-Surfer-Braided-Bangle-Fit-7-9-inch-Brown-0-1-300x300This product is a high quality Konov brown leather bracelet. This bracelet has a simple and masculine braided detail of crisscrossing straps. The bangle design is offset by this bracelet’s simple, neutral color and streamlined design. Simple yet elegant leather bracelets for men and women like this simple but fashionable surfer style bracelet complement any look.

This unisex bracelet can be worn with anything from bathing suits to a plain casual white shirt or can even liven up a dressier more conservative style of dress for women or men. This authentic leather braided bracelet that will dress up a casual look or add interest to even a more pulled-together work attire. This bracelet is available for the low price of $3.99 from Amazon

This men’s leather bracelet will never go out of style and will last the wearer for years to come:

  • This bracelet is made of genuine, high quality and durable leather material – this bracelet will not tear, fall apart or wear out easily.
  • With its half inch adjustable wrist tie, this bracelet will fit most men’s wrists.
  • This bracelet’s fashionable surfer bangle style will not go out of style and will complement any look, from beach style to more preppy style and even casual office style.

Leather bracelets for men are effortless and versatile, durable and easy to wear. This eight inch long bracelet comes with its own protective black velvet bag.

Original Tribe Antique Men’s Brown Leather Cuff Bracelet with Iron Cross

Description: Brown handcrafted cuff men’s bracelet with an accented iron cross and threaded sides and size adjustable buttons. The handcrafted design makes it look very authentic and unique. It is an Original Tribe leather bracelet so you can count on it’s quality and durability. It is made with alloy metal and can fit a wrist size of 6 to 7.8 inches. This bracelet is great for every day use or even for special occasions. It has a very antique style to it which makes it perfect for people with a vintage style. If you want people turning their heads at you and asking where you got that bracelet, then this is a perfect choice for you. It can even be a fantastic gift for a friend! It is extremely high quality and made out of a very sturdy material. Because of this, it fits very well and will not irritate, itch, or hurt your skin. You should have no problem sliding it on your wrist and after it is on, it will not slide around like a lot of annoying bracelets or watches do. You can get this awesome bracelet for less than 20 bucks on Amazon


  • Handmade high quality material
  • Unique and vintage design making it great for anyone who enjoys this style
  • Great choice for everyday wear

Price: Get this awesome leather bracelet at an unbeatable price! It cannot get better than this for a handmade item.

Brand Name: Original Tribe

Product Dimensions: 8 x 2 x 0.1 inches; 1.6 ounces

Material: Leather

Metal: Alloy

Jewelry Type: Fashion

Included in Package: 1 Original Tribe Antique Men’s Brown Leather Cuff Bracelet with Iron Cross

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