What are Calibrated Thermometers?

Calibrated thermometers are important for their application in various settings including Institutions, Industrial settings, food service (food storage) and even in medical setting especially for drug storage. Thermometers are also useful at home. In medical settings Calibrated thermometers are used to measure the body temperature of a patient by either inserting the tip of the thermometer in the mouth to measure the oral temperature, under the armpit to measure the axillary temperature or into the rectum under the anus to measure the rectal temperature. In the food industry, thermometers are used to monitor critical processes like the cooking, cooling and reheating and also the hot and cold holding of food. Thermometers also find a wide variety of applications e.g. in Educational Institutions like the Medical Colleges to train the medical students. The industries which manufacture thermometers have also come up with home model thermometers which can be used at home for various purposes e.g. the baby thermometers are very useful in determining any fluctuation in the temperatures of infants which is crucial in determining whether the infant is ill or not. Considering the various applications which the thermometer has, it therefore needs to measure a very accurate temperature. The thermometer needs to be calibrated in order to be able to give an accurate reading. Calibration is normally needed before using the thermometer for the first time, when the thermometer is used to measure both hot and cold temperatures, if the thermometer is dropped and finally, if the thermometer is used multiple times during the day, this is especially for digital thermometers. It is therefore evident that regular calibration is required to ensure that the thermometer gives an accurate reading.

NIST Calibrated Thermometers and Factory Calibrated Thermometers

Calibrated thermometers are required for use where an extremely accurate measurement of temperature is required for example in the food industry where routine checking of food temperature and holding times are very important to food safety. NIST Calibrated thermometers are recommended for use in verifying and calibrating instruments routinely used in the laboratory. These factory calibrated thermometers are carefully inspected to ensure that they conform to the exacting requirements outline for precision by the National Institute of Science and Technology, NIST. Each factory calibrated thermometer is dispatched together with the calibration document which shows the corrections at different points on the scale. These factory calibrated thermometers are then compared with the NIST standards thereby being called an NIST Calibrated thermometer. calibrated thermometers

Calibrated Thermometers: Procedure for calibrating an NIST Thermometer

There are two methods which can be followed in calibrating an NIST Thermometer. One is the Cold Temperature Check Method and the Hot Temperature Check Method. Before you start the calibration of an NIST Thermometer you should first ensure that you have the following; insulated glass, crushed ice, water, pot and a heat source. Cold temperature check method is carried out by packing the crushed ice into the insulated container which is then filled with cold water. The thermometer is placed in the center of the container. The temperature is then noted after sometime which should be about five minutes. Hot Temperature Check method on the other hand is carried out by first boiling the water in a pot to boiling point. The thermometer is placed at the middle of the pot with hot with hot water. The thermometer should sit in the water for about thirty minutes after which it should be removed after noting down the temperature which should be about a hundred degrees Celsius. Care should be taken however in this Hot Temperature check method to avoid injuring yourself or other employees and to avoid breaking the thermometer.

Restaurant food safety by use of a calibrated thermometer

Restaurant food safety is essential if you are to continue being in the business for long. This is because if you prepare harmful foods which might cause health complications to your clients, your restaurant will be automatically be closed down. You should therefore ensure that, restaurant food safety is maintained in your restaurant and that the foods are safe for consumption at all times. Inaccurate temperatures for cooking, cooling, reheating and even storage of your food may render your food unsafe for human consumption. To obtain accurate readings of internal temperatures of your restaurant foods, you should ensure that you use calibrated thermometers and that you follow the proper procedures of thermometer use.

What Causes Differences Between Identical Twins?

At first glance, identical twins may seem like two people cut from the same mold. They have the same facial features and body build, and it can be difficult to identify differences between the two. But, as close friends and family members get to know each individual twin, it quickly becomes apparent that they are unique in their own way. In fact, some parents comment about the fact that it becomes hard to mix them up, simply because they know their children so well that it is easy for the parent to tell them apart.

Genetic Similarities

Identical TwinsWhen identical twins are conceived, a single sperm/egg splits within a few days, which allows two babies to develop. Because of the way identical twins are created, they come from the same source of DNA, which means that their genetic makeup will be shared. Identical twins share the same gender and they often share similar characteristics, but as they grow they will begin to develop their own unique characteristics as well. In fact, many parents can notice personality differences from the first day the babies are born.

Also, keep in minds that just because they came from the same DNA, doesn’t mean that they developed the same way in the womb. One of the babies may have experienced a better connection to the placenta, resulting in high quality nutrition compared to the other baby. For example, it is not uncommon for twins to have different birth weights. Some people find that one twin is born a little larger than the other, and as they grow and develop the remain a little bigger for the rest of their lives.

Environmental Factors

The interesting thing about human development is the fact that it is not all genetic. Environmental factors in the womb can affect each child’s development in a unique way, and environmental factors as they grow can have an effect as well. Different situations around the home may cause subtle differences to become more noticeable, and as the children grow their unique choices cause even bigger differences between the two.

The differences between twins tend to become even more noticeable as they get older and spend more time on their own. Even though they spent the majority of their time together when they were infants, it is natural that they will begin to spend time alone as they get older. Each day shapes a person, and their unique choice of friendships and activities can have an effect on how they continue to grow and develop as they age. Yes, identical twins may look similar, but they will develop many unique characteristics as they get older.


Irish Setters: A Closer Look at One of the Most Spirited and Loveable Dog Breeds

Two Irish SettersIrish Setters have been living among people for hundreds of years. This breed’s popularity dates as far back as the 18th century when it became a valued companion in the British Isles and Ireland. The breed was developed from a blend of English Setter, Irish Water Spaniel, Gordon Setter, Irish Terrier and Pointer breeds. Today’s Irish Setters have become both skilled bird dogs and cherished family pets.

Irish Setter Sizes

The Irish Setter weighs an average of 60 to 75 pounds and stands approximately 25 to 27 inches at the shoulder. Just like many other dog breeds, the female tends to be smaller, coming to around 55 to 65 pounds and 24 to 26 inches. Males generally weigh in at between 65 and 75 pounds and stand a proud 26 to 28 inches. This breed’s body structure is handsomely proportioned and is only a little longer than it is tall.

Irish Setter Colors

Coat color is one of the more appealing aspects of the Irish Setter. They are generally described as “red” but actually come in a variety of shades ranging from mahogany to chestnut. No black markings should be present, but it isn’t uncommon to see small white areas along the toes, throat and chest. Some individuals will also have a thin line of white on the head.

Irish Setter puppies look slightly different in terms of fur color. When adopting a young pup, potential owners may notice a silver or gray color on the legs and behind ears. This is normal and will disappear as the dog reaches adulthood.

Irish Setter Temperament

The Irish Setter is a spirited breed that’s very energetic. They are intelligent but do possess a guarding instinct. Potential owners should know that the Irish Setter’s energy and rambunctious nature can cause them to be difficult to manage without proper training and strong leadership. You must exercise the dog’s body and mind to keep them calm and happy.

This breed is also very affectionate and loving. They adore their humans and are very receptive to the tone of their owner’s voice. A good owner will understand this and conduct themselves as an authority without being harsh or threatening. Irish Setters also require clear rules to follow, so consistency is a must. Families who properly train and exercise their Irish Setters find that they are one of the most lovable, sweet and outgoing canines in the world.

Irish Setter Health

Irish Setters are susceptible to a number of health problems. They have a tendency to bloat due to eating habits. It is better to feed 2 to 3 smaller meals each day rather than one large one to avoid this common issue. Other health problems include skin allergies, eye problems, epilepsy, ear infections, autoimmune disease and hip dysplasia. A good way to avoid many of these problems is to adopt Irish Setter pups from reputable breeders and carefully monitor your dog’s diet, hygiene and health.

Sporting Dogs

The Irish Setter belongs to the sporting dogs group, which also includes pointers, retrievers and spaniels. This classification identifies breeds that are often used to hunt small game and birds. Hunters historically used these clever canines to locate and flush out game or retrieve prey. These breeds are often known as being very loyal, gentle and trainable – traits that also make them ideal family pets!

Managing the Sleep Schedule of Twins

One of the trickiest things to figure out with twins is how to get them to sleep at the same time. Because babies need to eat every few hours, if their sleep schedules don’t match up then you are going to find yourself in the situation where you rarely get to sleep as the parent. Having two babies on opposite schedules can be very hard on a parent, so it is best to try to get the babies on the same schedule as quickly as possible.

Wake The Babies Up at the Same Time

Twins Sleep ScheduleIf one of the twins wakes up before the other, it’s ok to wake the sleep child so they are both awake together. Make it a point to keep them awake together, and try to put them to sleep together as well. You will find that it is common for them to wake up at the same time, because the crying of one will wake the other. But, if the sleeping child doesn’t arouse as a result of the crying, gently wake them up and get them out of their crib.

Establish a Bedtime Routine

Following a routine each night can make it easier to put twins to bed at the same time, because they will be conditioned to know that it is time to go to bed. Create a calming environment with specific activities such as soothing music, reading a story together, rocking, or singing. Signaling the babies that it is time to sleep can help them fall asleep at the same time, which makes it easier for them to wake up at the same time.

Allow Twins to Sleep Together

Remember that before birth, twins were use to being in close proximity in the womb. It is common for twins to feel more at ease when the other baby is nearby, and many parents find that new babies sleep better when they are sharing a crib. When they are small, it is a good idea to allow them to sleep in a crib together. The twins can move into their own cribs when they get a little bigger, and those cribs can be in the same room so that they can still see each other.

Create a Relaxing Environment for Both Babies

If you are rocking one baby to sleep and the other baby is stimulated by bright lights, loud sounds, and fun toys, then it may be harder to get the second child to relax so that they will sleep. So, at bedtime, create a relaxing environment for both children at the same time. Dim the lights, play soothing music, and consider using a white noise machine to help block outside sounds.

Why Twins are Easier Than Two Single Children

Raising twins brings unique challenges that are hard to anticipate before the babies are born. But, it is not uncommon for parents of twins to comment on the fact that raising twins is easier than managing two children that are different ages. There are a few reasons why twins are easier:


Twins will grow at the same rate, so the house needs to be childproofed at the same time. With two children of different ages, you will need to childproof your home at different times when they each reach the age of mobility and start to get into everything.


Twins Are EasierBecause the twins are the same age, they will want to play with the same toys. You don’t need to worry about the toys from one child being dangerous to the other child. An example of this is any toy with small pieces, like Barbie shoes or Legos. The older child may enjoy playing with those toys, but the small pieces can pose a choking hazard for the younger child. With twins, they are able to play with the same types of toys at the same time.


Siblings will always having their rivalries, even if they are twins. But, it is more likely that twins will be interested in playing together as they grow. On the other hand, age differences may cause single children to not want to play together because of differences in their maturity levels. The older child may not want their younger sibling to participate when friends come over, or they may not be interested in the same types of activities.

Entertainment Options

It is easier to entertain children that are the same age, because it is more likely that they are interested in the same types of activities. Twins can be entertained at the same time with one movie or one trip to the park. Two single children of different ages may be interested in different types of movies or they may want to do different activities. For example, a ten-year-old may not want to watch the same developmental videos that their younger five-year-old sibling enjoys.

Packing the Diaper Bag

If you have two children that are close in age, then it is common for the diaper bag to be packed with both children in mind. If both of them are still in diapers, then two different diaper sizes are needed, two different types of snacks go into the bag, and two sizes of clothing need to be packed as well. On the other hand, twins share the same diapers, food and clothing sizes, so it is easier to pack the bag.

Encouraging Individuality Among Twins

Parents are usually the first ones to realize that their twins are individuals. However, the world can often make it harder on them by pairing them up in all that they do. The parent’s job is to encourage and enforce the positive side of being separate, even when they are so much alike. It may not be as easy as it sounds, at times; but the hard work of encouraging individuality among twins pays off in the end.

Separate but Equal

How you treat your twins is the beginning of encouraging them to be individuals. You can start by not pairing them up all the time and calling them by their given names. Often, parents will say things like, “call the twins down for dinner” or “come on, boys”. Grouping them together, makes it harder for them to separate themselves. Try to avoid forcing one to do what the other likes to do. Of course, there will be times where there is no option but if it isn’t mandatory, allow them to make the choice.

What One Likes, Isn’t For the Other

Encouraging Individuality Among TwinsThere is nothing wrong with asking each of the twins what they like and don’t like. Find out their favorite foods, activities and what they would like to experience in life. Take the time to do the things that they like with them. Encourage them to take part in the activities that they choose. One may like to swim, while the other may choose baseball. One may like gymnastics, while the other wants to dance. Allow them to be who they are.

Family Help Encouraging Individuality Among Twins

Don’t hesitate to let the family know that you are encouraging you twins to be individuals. Go over some of the tools that you are implementing so that everyone is on the same page. When family is around, practice those behaviors in front of them and don’t be afraid to correct them if they don’t do the same.

Special occasions, such as birthdays and holidays offer family members the chance to encourage individuality. Ask them to by gifts that suit the personality of the individual. If possible, blow out the candles on two cakes, instead of one.


Individuality Among Twins: Outward Appearance

When the twins get to an age where they can express their thoughts, let them dress themselves and choose the outfit they want to where. This is usually where you will begin to realize their individual styles and personalities.

Allow yourself time so that you can style their hair the way would like to wear it. This is another way that they can separate themselves from one another and gives room for their own personality to shine through. This isn’t only true for day to day styling but with haircuts as well. One twin may like it short, while the other prefers it long. As they age, stay away from dressing them alike. Unless it is something that they want to do, it can have an adverse effect on what you’re trying to accomplish.

Encouraging individuality in twins is essential to allowing them to grow into well-rounded, productive adults. It begins at an early age and should continue throughout theirs lives.

The Hershey Lodge Review

Everybody loves a theme park and everybody loves chocolate, so what could be better than putting the two things together? Hershey Park in Hershey, Pennsylvania is an award-winning family fun park originally built for the employees of the Hershey Chocolate Company. Always the leader in cutting-edge attractions, Hershey Park had the first looping rollercoaster on the entire East Coast of the United States. Now, the park is open to the public and fills 110 acres with over 60 rides and attractions, including 11 rollercoasters. Along with the theme park is a waterpark, called the Boardwalk at Hersheypark, and a zoo, ZOOAMERICA.

Surrounding Attractions

Hershey Park is located in the Harrisburg, Pennsylvania area. Harrisburg is the capital of Pennsylvania. Surrounding attractions located in Harrisburg are the Pennsylvania State Capitol Complex, the State Museum of Pennsylvania and Broad Street Market, one of the oldest farmers markets in the country. Downtown Harrisburg is home to two performance venues. The Whitaker Center for Science and the Arts, is the first center in the country with science, education and performing arts all taking place within one location. The Forum is situated at the State Capitol Complex and is the home theater for the Harrisburg Symphony Orchestra. The annual Pennsylvania Farm Show also takes place in Harrisburg. It is the largest agricultural show in the United States. Farmers from all around show off their livestock and compete against each other. Visitors are welcome to view and interact with the animals. Outside Harrisburg, for nature lovers, are Boyd Big Tree Conservation Area State Park and Swatara State Park.

Where to Stay-Hershey

With so many things to do in the area, the Hershey Lodge Review helps you find the right accommodations for your family, so you can stay awhile. In Hershey you will find many hotels and motels that are associated with national chains. You can stay at Howard Johnson Inn, Days Inn, Travelodge, Fairfield Inn and Suites or Quality Inn and Suites. There are also locally-owned options. Among them are Milton Motel Hershey and Cocoa Country Inn at Hershey.

Where to Stay-Palmyra

Four miles east of Hershey is the town of Palmyra. This town has a selection of inns and motels for your convenience. Included among the Palmyra accommodates are America’s Best Value Inn, Dutch Motel Palmyra and 1825 Inn Bed and Breakfast.

Where to Stay-Hummelstown

Four miles west of Hershey is the town of Hummelstown which is the home to Comfort Inn at the Park, Country Inn and Suites by Carlson at the Hershey Park, Hilton Garden Inn Hershey, Best Western Inn Hershey, Holiday Inn Express Hershey – Harrisburg Area and Econo Lodge Hershey.

Whether it is a national hotel or motel or a locally-owned hotel, inn, motel or bread and breakfast that you want, the Hershey area has a wide assortment of places for you to stay. Many places have pools and complimentary breakfasts to enjoy before you start your busy day. You will also find suites with kitchenettes for homelike convenience. The Hershey Lodge Review is the perfect source to help you pick accommodations when you have fun at Hershey Park and visit the Hershey surrounding area.

Kipori “Baby Wolf” Woods

baby wolfA legend in the making, Kipori Woods is the youngest black blues vocalist and guitarist to surface on the blues scene in years. Schooled under the direction of Ellis Marsalis, this fledgling ‘blues man from down south’ has won OffBeat Magazine’s Best New Blues Artist the past two years running.

With his second album the man they call ‘Baby Wolf’ takes his fans on a musical trek, telling his story, from ‘The Day I Started playing the Blues’ to the ‘Hard Times’ and his aspirations for a ‘Big Black Cadillac’.

Kipori Woods is a young blues guitarist rich with the wisdom of ages. Early in his promising career, Kipori shows the maturity and control of a seasoned veteran and has the guitar chops to match.

Music became a part of Kipori’s life at an early age. His grandfather “Luscious” Lloyd Lambert, the legendary New Orleans bass player who worked with the likes of Ray Charles, Little Richard, Danny Barker and Doc Cheatham, raised him. From Lambert, Kipori learned the ins and outs of the music business.

Kipori’s first taste of the stage came while working with renowned gospel greats like the Zion Harmonizers and Raymond Myles. A funk outfit, Kipori Funk, Later let the budding artist stretch his talents in other directions, but the blues were always calling.

“I’ve always been influenced by the blues,” says Kipori, but it wasn’t until my grandfather passed in 1996 that I really got serious about playing the blues.”

Taking his cues from masters like B.B. King, Albert King and New Orleans legend Walter “Wolfman” Washington, Kipori’s sound blends blues classics and modern flavors. His fretwork is at turns fierce and playful. His songs range from blues ballads to jumping firetorms of sound. His vocals flow strong from a well that belies his age and often take clever, unexpected turns.

On stage, Kipori is an engaging entertainer with boundless energy. He moves as though his guitar were a part of him, becoming one with the audience in an escalating dance of seduction. Kipori taunts, teases, and tickles the crowd until they beg for more. When Kipori and the band get grooving, the whole club shimmies with exuberance.

“I just go out there and be me,” says Kipori.” I try to put on a good show because I want the people to have a good time.”

Kipori perfected his high-energy performance in numerous New Orleans nightclubs. His soaring set with Davell Crawford at the 1999 New Orleans Jazz and Heritage remains the talk of the town. Kipori has also toured extensively throughout the U. S. and Europe. He has shared the stage with notables such as The Neville Brothers, Wynton, Delfeayo and Jason Marsalis, Kermit Ruffins, Rockin’ Dopsie Jr., Walter “Wolman” Washington and many more.

Jazz Tent

BabyWolf in the Blues Tent at Jazz Fest 2003

In 1998, Kipori’s self-produced debut CD, “Blues Man From Down South,” garnered enthusiatic support from local and national reviewers. The CD Sizzled with kipori’s clever urban blues and featured a rich texture that included hints of New Orleans funk, soul swamp groove and jazz. However, ‘The Baby Wolf’ has matured, giving him a sound of his own and labeling him as one of the Big Easy’s premiere blues performers. So come along and take a bluesy ride in Kipori’s ‘Big Black Cadillac!’

By Chad Kirkland and Kim Hamauei

What are Forehead Thermometers

Use of forehead thermometers in taking temperature measurements of kids can can really be helpful. This is because the kids are normally reluctant to have the conventional thermometers placed under their tongues. You can decide to place them under their armpits but it still has some of its drawbacks as you might end up breaking the thermometer as the kids might not be in a position to keep the thermometers under their armpits for a duration required for an accurate temperature to be taken. Moreover, temperatures taken under the Armpits have a lower percentage of accuracy as those taken inside the mouth under the tongue. Forehead thermometers however are a technological breakthrough to all these problems. This is because forehead thermometers can easily be used to measure accurate temperatures of the kids even if they are sleeping. Instead of upsetting your kids by use of the conventional thermometers to take their temperature measurements, you can just go for a forehead thermometer which, apart from its ease of use, will not upset your kids in any way. Remember it is very important to constantly check the temperature of your kids especially with the emergence of several diseases which your kids are exposed to. So instead of avoiding the measurement of your kids’ temperatures because they are very reluctant to the thermometers you use, you can only acquire one forehead thermometer which you can use.

forehead thermometers

Forehead Thermometers: Vicks Forehead Thermometer

Vicks forehead thermometer is an easy to use color coded thermometer. When you are using at night, you do not have to strain yourself to be able to determine if the temperature is high, low or moderate since the color changes will enable you know that. Vicks forehead thermometer changes color from green, yellow then red determining the grade of fever. You may have to play around in order to be able to use it perfectly well. It is however pretty easy to know how to use Vicks forehead thermometer and after you have known how to use it, you will find it very easy to take the temperature of your baby, yourself or the temperature of any other person. The technique for using this is by swiping it quick, smoothly and most importantly flat against the forehead of your kid.

Forehead Thermometers: Digital thermometer

Digital forehead thermometer, also called Digital thermometer, has made the measuring of body temperature even more naturally easy just like the feeling of your Child’s forehead. This is a kind of forehead thermometer which can be used for all the family members and it gives a very accurate measurement in just a matter of seconds. When your kid is experiencing some colds, there is no other thermometer which can give you an accurate measurement of the temperature in such an easy way as digital thermometer. Digital thermometer is very easy to read, you just take the reading presented on the screen of your thermometer. To use a thermometer which is digital, you just place it on your finger and press the on/off button then release it. You then wait for two beeps after which you hold it onto the forehead and wait for the next beep. You then take your results, just that easy.

Using Forehead Thermometers: Exergen Thermometers

Exergen thermometer is a kind of forehead thermometer. Just like any other forehead thermometer, it is a very easy to use thermometer which is easily found in the market nowadays. You do not need to undergoany specialized training for you to know how you can handle it. Exergen thermometer can be used by pressing the forehead of your child with the thermometer then swiped across to the child’s temple after which you lift the thermometer away from the child’s head and you will have measured the temperature of your kid. Exergen thermometer will give you an immediate and very accurate result. Though extreme room temperature variations can bring an inaccurate result, you can avoid this by first waiting for some time when you have brought your thermometer from a cold room or from a hot room. Exergen thermometer is very accurate and very easy to use on your kids as well as on yourself. Forehead thermometers significantly reduce your kids’ anxieties brought about by putting your thermometer under his or her tongue.

Survival Tips for Raising Twins

Survival Tips for Raising TwinsThere is a high level of excitement with having twins. But the joy is soon overcome by the long nights, baby’s crying and, spousal spats and the wish that there were more than one of you. Trying to meet the demands of twins is hard. Still there are things that you can do to help make rearing your bundles less hectic. This article provides some survival tips for raising twins.

Seek Assistance

Your performance as the parent of twins doesn’t have to be a one man shoe. Everyone will feel the pressure; especially your children. Enlist the help of family and friends to do chores around the house and help with the babies.  There will be no shortage of volunteers in the beginning since everyone will want to share in your experience. Having sufficient help will free up time for you to bond with your twins.

Stay Away From the Tube

Sounds a bit odd, right? Well, it isn’t. Television will take away from bonding time, throw your sleep pattern off and wreak havoc on your schedules. You’ll find yourself fighting to stay awake to watch a program and the minute you’re ready to sleep, guess who’s waking up? Try watching DVDs instead. This way, you can control the time you spend watching; without missing a beat or disturbing the flow of things.

Hand Out Chores

Make an attempt to delegate as many household duties as possible. If your grocery store has a delivery option, use it. Lessening your own load will allow more time to spend with the twins. If there are other children in the home, it’s time for them to assume some responsibility. Although smaller children cannot do as much, giving them little things to do will also allow them to feel like they’re playing a part in helping.

Me Time

Taking time for yourself is essential to your sanity. Whether it’s a meal with friends, date night or a soak in a hot bath…do it! Of course, you’ll need to schedule this but it’s important to take time to care for yourself. Time away can help avoid becoming a ball of tension.

Survival Tips for Raising Twins: Scheduling

There is no such thing as simply going with the flow when you’re raising twins. Each day can appear to be more chaotic than the day before. Scheduling is everything. Having a set routine will help your days run with fewer snags. There should also be a repeating pattern. Do the same things, in the same order, every day. This will help set the pace for when your twins are old enough to start becoming independent.

Don’t get discouraged if a day comes when you feel like you can’t handle anymore. You’ll find yourself wanting to pull your hair out and blow a gasket. This is perfectly common. Just remember, that you will make it to see another day. There are always challenges when it comes to raising twins. The challenges of raising twins may seem harder to survive but with a dedication and commitment, it can be made easier that you know.