Complementing Your Reception Tables with Wedding Table Runners

Wedding table runners are a creative way to decorate your wedding. You can use table linens as a quick way to remove and restore the appearance of a wedding reception area. However, you can add style and embellish your reception using wedding table runners. A great thing about them is that you can easily modify your wedding reception area without spending a fortune on custom made linens. It is a terrific choice for a wedding event, instead of using expensive center table runners which you may not be able to afford. If you are on a tight budget, you can have cheap wedding table runners which can easily be sewn by anyone with the basic sewing skills.

Creative Wedding Reception Tips

The ideas you use for the wedding table runners should match with the theme of your wedding. Below are some wedding table runner ideas and how to make personalized wedding table runners;

  • Make the theme color of your wedding match with the color of the table runners
  • You can personalize it by having them sewn with your names or wedding date
  • You can also learn and make you own table runners for your wedding to add a personal touch
  • You can add place mats matching table runners to add style
  • The matching place mats will not be complete without matching napkin rings
  • Depending on your culture or theme you want to use, for instance Asian wedding theme, you can import Thai wedding table runners that come in a variety of attractive colors
  • You can have them strapped as wedding gifts for a pal or souvenir
  • You can also make wedding table runners from different fabrics such as silk, satin, linen, lace or a mixture of either

DIY Wedding Table Runners

Making your own wedding table runners is not a terribly difficult task. If you have decided on the theme and colors to use plus know how to sew, you can make a supremely impressive looking wedding table runner. You can use a different color of thread from the fabric for sewing, if you have a wedding with different colors for instance purple fabric and gold color sewn all round.


White and black table runners for wedding reception are only used for this occasion. They are elegant and a brilliant idea for a vintage theme wedding. Another fantastic looking table runner is the burlap table runners for receptions, family tables and outdoor reception. It is a delightful alternative for the common black and white wedding table runners.

Wedding is such an important occasion that everyone will find ways to make it perfect up to the last detail. During reception, the table runner will set the tone of the decoration since the table is the center piece of each seating arrangement. That is why with the addition of an exceptional wedding table runner, the whole dining presentation will sure to be a success.