Having Fun with Crochet Tutu Tops for Children

Why should only adults look good? Kids do have the right to be trendy also. You might think that children look good in whatever they wear but it is a completely wrong concept. Fashion is a matter of comparison. In the old days when most children used to wear generic clothes there wasn’t much to compare. So you could be fine buying the same sort of clothes for your child over and over again. Now the times have changed. With more parents buying stylish and trendy clothes for their children your child might look dull in comparison. Even if you don’t notice such things, your child will. Children understand a lot of things and socialization among their peers has become quite a complex and competitive matter these days.

Don’t make your child feel low. Its not very difficult to keep yourself up to date about some of the latest trends in children’s fashion. If you know what to buy, buying clothes itself would not be difficult. The cost of buying trendy clothes for your kids is not much different than buying generic, dull clothes. It is just like investing the same amount for something better. To give you an idea here is a brief overview of some of what trendy kids wear these days.

crochet tutu tops

For casual wear, animal-print top or shirt with a colorful trouser is a trendy yet very cute combination for early and pre-teen girls to wear. Another good idea is to buy your daughter something that you would have bought for your son. Girls sometimes look very trendy in boys’ wear. For late teen and young adolescent girls it would be a white top or shirt with faded jeans or black/grey skirt. For young boys, t-shirt and jeans is the way to go. For older boys, color combination is very important. Either the shirts/t-shirts should be funky or just plain black or white. Nothing in-between. These are not extraordinarily exotic dresses and so the cost is not supposed to exceed your regular budget for children’s clothes. Sometimes it is a good idea to let your child choose what to wear because she might have some idea of what her trendy peers are wearing.

Crochet Tutu Tops

For very young girls, say for age 3 to age 9 or 10, you could try crochet tutu tops. These are very cute tops and also very trendy. They can make your daughter stand apart from the generic kids and yet there is nothing rude about these crochet tutu tops. Your daughter will look like a princess wearing these crochet tops. These tops are very cheap. Costs range from $2 to $8 depending on size. These can be worn with skirts, tutus, and even trousers. While buying crochet tutu tops you should pay particular attention to the color. You should have an idea about what colors best suit your daughter also what dress combination a particular color will make possible.

crochet tutu tops

Just look around and you might find very trendy clothes for your children even at your nearby stores. The choice will be broader if you order online, but beware. Only order from reputable websites, otherwise you might not end up receiving the same product that you ordered. Before you order a product be aware of the correct size. Having said everything, good luck shopping!

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