Types of Beads for Various Bead Projects

Honesty jewelry specializes in making handcrafted jewelry using variety of antiques, beads, charms, gemstones, and religious crosses. Their bead projects include Honesty bracelets, necklaces, earrings and rings with unique colors and designs. Honesty bracelets are simple with attractive designs and colors which can go well with any type of casual wear. You can also get Honesty bracelets that match with a pair of earrings and a necklace which you can put on with an evening dinner dress for a formal function.

Beads have been widely used all over the world in handicraft beadwork and other bead projects. During these ancient times, beadwork was done for personal adornment and traditional decorations. Beadwork is done using different sizes of beads, colors, shapes and materials. It has transformed into bead projects that have become a source of income for most people. Some of the popular handicrafts made of beads include lampshades, wreaths for internal décor, bookmarks which can make attractive gifts, beaded sandals which are quite expensive in the shops, beaded curtains, and jewelry which is the most common.

Types of Beads

Beads can be categorized into several groups based on factors such as the manufacturing process used, place of origin, material, shape, and pattern. The following are the common types of beads used in bead projects:

  • Chaton beads – These are crystal beads that are set with metals and loop beneath where you can sew.
  • Bugle beads – They are tubular in shape and can be cut in various lengths. They are available in different finishes, colors and shapes.
  • Charlotte beads – These are Czech beads with one or two flat facets on the surface.
  • Cloisonné beads – They are produced from enamel on the background to create a mosaic or stained glass effect. They are also available in different sizes and shapes.
  • Crow beads – These are large beads that are similar to seed beads. Crow beads are made of wood, glass, or plastic.
  • Crystal beads – These are made out of leaded glass and shine more. They are mostly used in tiaras and wedding dresses and for making special types of jewelry.
  • Delica beads – They are cylindrical glass beads having thin walls and larger holes in them. They are available in size eight and eleven which are known as double delica.

Bead projects can use very rare materials to make jewelry and other decorative purposes. Some of these rare beads include tourmaline, larimar nuggets, coral beads, topaz beads, opal bead, quartz tear bead, glass-infused ruby teardrop, Amethyst faceted moon beads, and gemstones within gemstone beads, among others.

With the right skill and tools, you can do bead projects at a low cost and even pursue it into a home business. You only have to research on your target market and their needs.